Enhanced photographs in post processing

First I would like to thanks my friend “Rashu Khanna” who shared his photograph for the post processing!

Also the steps that I have mentioned below can also be done in different ways so not that this is the only way to do!

Original photograph:

1. Open this image in photoshop (any version)


2. Create a copy using Ctrl + J (Win) or CMD + J (Mac)


3. Rename layer 0 to Original and layer 1 to reduced exposure

4.  Select the “Reduced exposure layer” go to Image – Adjustments – Levels and move the central handle to right by 0.42 (make enough so that the cloud on top start popping out)


5. Select “Eraser tool” and set foreground color as “Black”, now start erasing the area where the structure part is, make sure while erasing you do not touch cloud part whether through window or outside. your image would look like this:


7. now select original, increase exposure so that the structure pop out, increase contrast and boost colors. Your image would look like this.


8. Merge two layers, do final adjustment of contrast, colors etc. and final image would look like this!


Download PSD file from here!



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