Spiral Light Around Globe

you can visualize the entire setup in below image, entire setup was in a dark room. first manually focused the globe with turn off the auto focus, here what you need to know the light source. in this example I had single light source and that was keychain LED light, now if you look at the photograph carefully you will find that the reflection on the bottom portion of globe is as clear as the top, let go step by step:

pre-req: make sure the LED keychain light is ready 
pre-req. exposure to 4 and aperture to 9 with ISO as 160, 
step 1. open shutter and light the bottom of of the globe with LED light such a way that you have reflection of the bottom of the globe in the base that is a glass chessboard for about 1 second
step 2. now turn off the LED and move the LED on top of the globe and start rotating around the globe, you will see the effect that you are seeing in the image.

It is simple right? Trust me it is 🙂 

I would say only one thing: Photography is a game of light and once you understand the light and perspective, rest is piece of cake! Technology would just help you to ease the process!

Complete setup image would look like!

Have Fun!

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