Roll The Dice – motion photography!

Motion Photography

Before I explain: this is not Photoshopped! it is with exposure of 2 seconds, I believe this would give you some hint on what I did  now follow this:

This belongs to motion photography ideas category where try to capture motion with shutter speed combination!

  1. you need a dice, a mirror (make sure it is clean and has no single dust particles), black background, a continuous light source on right (for this shot, otherwise keep the best place that you like)
  2. Mount camera on tripod, have a release trigger if possible
  3. turn on the light source
  4. Manual focus – keep the dice in middle and make sure it is in focus
  5. Keep ISO low so that not have any grains in the image, keep aperture around 6 so that not too many other things come on focus and at the same time dice’s reflection shows up sharp. if you keep aperture low so you might have a situation where dice is focused but not reflection and lastly have exposure to 2 seconds or more depending on what motion effect you want to have with dice
  6. Now you are ready to take shot, roll the dice such a way that before the camera closes it’s shutter dice stops and have a few milliseconds left so that camera can capture the stopped motion along with the dice motion.
  7. Keep on doing this until you get the shot that you are looking for.

The key for this task is the motion of the dice and at the same time stopped dice, meaning the start of the motion and stopped they both should be with-in the exposure time. you are done!


Have fun!

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