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Roll The Dice – motion photography!

Motion Photography Before I explain: this is not Photoshopped! it is with exposure of 2 seconds, I believe this would give you some hint on what I did  now follow this: This belongs to motion photography ideas category where try to capture motion with shutter speed combination! you need a dice, a mirror (make sure it is […]

Enhanced photographs in post processing

First I would like to thanks my friend “Rashu Khanna” who shared his photograph for the post processing! Also the steps that I have mentioned below can also be done in different ways so not that this is the only way to do! Original photograph: 1. Open this image in photoshop (any version) 2. Create […]

Flip and Blend

What you need? just one tool and that is Photoshop CS3+, I used Photoshop CC for this tutorial! Please suggest if you see anything different in other version! Starting point! – take an image where you have some kind of structural representation Make a copy of the image using Ctrl+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac) Select the […]

Spiral Light Around Globe

you can visualize the entire setup in below image, entire setup was in a dark room. first manually focused the globe with turn off the auto focus, here what you need to know the light source. in this example I had single light source and that was keychain LED light, now if you look at […]