Lost the Penguin-The Journey Continues

This is a story of a Penguin named โ€œLostโ€, he wanted to know everything around him and to see the world.

One day he stood up and spoke to his dad Mak (Marac Andrzej Kolodzinski) and worked on a plan to travel the world! Than the day came (02/18/2013), he started Journey from England and plan was to cover England, North Wales, Finland, Germany, Canada, USA (of course time with us in Pennington, NJ) ;), New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, Italy and many more!

Looking at the travel plan, he was going to have best time of his life! In this travel plan, he visited to us and spend time with us.
During the stay he traveled in the train (NJ Transit), met with the fellow train passenger, some time he was shy and some time like my mom (have to know everything around) ;).
He enjoyed the view of NY City skyline. Made a friend (Y2K), discussed future planning and visit and what to look and where and may be meet again soon ;).

He had two best known care taker namely Jiya and Adhya and he was under there care, AND Lost gain weight ๐Ÿ˜‰ and finally the day came and he had to travel to next place in his itinerary and he flew away! As of right now (01/18/2015) he is flying somewhere between Florida and Colorado!

Have a safe fly and take care, will see again soon!